Nemitek is banking on Membership Growth through Insight-Based Marketing 

Nemitek is banking on Membership Growth through Insight-Based Marketing 

The goal is to double the membership base without having to hire more people. “We will achieve this by using data more efficiently,” says Thor-Jostein Egeland, CEO of Nemitek.

Nemitek is an industry association for everyone working in plumbing, energy, and environmental technology and currently comprises over 4,000 members nationwide. The association has been in existence since 1924 and is widely known as the Plumbing and HVAC Association. Now, they have set a goal to double their membership base through insight-driven efforts.

They plan to achieve this through smart use of data, automation, and with the help of highly skilled partners. Together with the specialists from Affinitet and DTB Digital, they have established a clear and insight-driven business model, based on behavioural data from the Infosoft subscription platform and other customer touchpoints.

Data Collection

Common challenges for many businesses include understanding the subscriber or member activity, identifying their interests, preventing customer churn, and achieving profitable growth.

“All of this can be managed better by combining and using data in a smart way,” says Thomas Isegg, CCO of Infosoft.

A year ago, the project began gathering various data sources and establishing a common platform for Nemitek. Previously, their data was scattered across different systems which limited insights and created issues in leveraging the data.

Scaling Through Insight and Automation

The solution was to implement a new technical layer on top of their different data sources that extracts information and compiles it into insights. This includes data from different marketing activities, such as who clicks on what in a newsletter. However, this data takes on an entirely different value when combined with Infosoft data: which users convert to subscribers? What is the behavioural profile of a renewing subscriber compared to a subscriber who churns?

By integrating data from Infosoft with data from other sources, Nemitek get entirely new insights that they can use to optimize, automate, and consequently scale their membership base.

“This is a significant gamechanger. Such initiatives used to be reserved for large actors with substantial development budgets,” says Thor-Jostein Egeland, CEO of Nemitek.

“Our goal is to double Nemitek’s membership base without hiring new personnel, and we believe this is the right path forward,” Egeland concludes.

“We’ve previously worked on how to consolidate data silos and identify different subscribers/customers across these. Most companies have a lot of untapped data that can contribute to growth. Our main aim is to assist companies in cultivating a stronger insight-based business culture,” concludes Richard Kristoffersen of Affinitet.

Feel free to reach out if you’re curious to learn more about the opportunities for your subscription business.

Thomas Isegg
Thomas Isegg

Chief Commercial Officer

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