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We will handle your subscription flow – from A to Z

To achieve success with your subscription business, you will need a system that automates the entire process in a professional manner.
This is what you get from Infosoft.

Companies that sell through subscriptions grow faster than others. With Infosoft, you will have a platform prepared for scale.

The platform that lets you launch your subscription business, or other recurring revenue concepts, with smooth flexibility and automation. INFO-Subscription is a cloud native solution, with an architecture that enables the gradual development of commercial ideas and ensures flexible connectivity with relevant IT systems and software.

  • Product and price flexibility
  • Financial overview of your subscription business
  • Scalable solution
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About Infosoft

Since its inception in 1990, Infosoft has specialized in delivering IT solutions that create winners in the subscription economy.
  • Our expertise

    Our team have extensive expertise and experience from a market with both high demands and a lot of complexity in its subscription models.

  • Our technology

    For almost 30 years, we have been at the forefront in our industry in applying new technology.

  • Our flexibility

    Over time, we have demonstrated the ability to develop solutions that address our customers' changing needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens when a customer places an order?

When an order is imported, a subscription is created with details from the sales poster. A payment agreement is established and connected to the subscriber. An invoice for the order period, as well as a draft for the next period, is created. The draft invoice is changed if subscription adjustments are made before the next period. The subscriber automatically gets access to the product after confirming the payment.

When will the customer get charged?

If the payment type is set to credit card, the charge will occur immediately after the subscription is created. Automatic services are constantly checking for new incoming payments. The recurring billing will occur according to how the Billing plan is configured.

What payment types are available for subscribers?

Credit card, Vipps, Avtalegiro, eFaktura, Autogiro and paper invoice are the different payment types used for ordinary subscribers and invoice payers. In addition we also have EHF billing for organizations and smaller businesses. When creating a new order from a sales poster you get to choose between credit card, vipps or paper invoice.

How can I see incoming payments?

This can be done in two different ways. 1. From the top menu > Search subscribers > Search > Payments, fill inn from and to date. 2. From the top menu Reports you can access the Payments report. This is an overview of every incoming payment. Use the filter options to see exactly what you are looking for.

What happens if a payment is refused?

If the invoice due date is surpassed, the system will look for what to do according to the connected dunning process. A dunning process is a plan you will find under Systemdata and Billing Management which tells when dunning invoices should be generated, and what kind of additional fees it shall contain. The process is explained here.

How can I change or stop a subscription?

This can be done in the subscription overview after accessing the subscriber. The button next to details on the active billing plan lets you edit or stop subscriptions. If an already paid subscription is stopped before the renewal date, the ledger will be updated with the subscriber’s credit amount. When changing to another subscription plan it will start up when the current one expires.

How can I credit the customer?

If a subscriber is entitled to a refund for any reason, this can easily be done from the subscriber’s overview. Choose which invoice you want to credit and press Credit Note under details. This will credit the invoiced amount. Both issued and paid invoices can be credited. Read more about this here.

What happens to the subscriber after an offer period?

By default, the subscription will continue with the same product at standard prices. When creating a subscription plan you choose what the next steps shall be for that specific subscription plan. A product needs to be included in a subscription plan for it to be available for sale.

How does OCR work?

OCR is a file format for all types of bills. Before you start using OCR you have to setup an agreement with your bank. It also requires the payer to have an agreement with the bank. OCR files are exported to a network share and imported into your system. When an OCR file is imported it will connect the payment to the subscriber based on a customer ID and update the current economic status.

What is EHF and how do I get started?

Electronic Invoicing Format is a mandatory digital payment type used mainly by public enterprises, in addition to some private companies. From 2019 the format has been deployed for all EU countries, albeit with some local adjustments per country. Before starting up with EHF invoicing, you will need an agreement with a certified access point provider. The different providers are listed on Difi’s website.

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